Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Self-Induced Panic

Jellybean has been busy (along with Rush and Bug) cleaning up the past couple of days but tonight she delayed taking out her garbages until well after dark. "But it's dark out," was her excuse when I told her she wasn't done her chores. I ever-so-loving told her she was still going as it's not like she had to go on any long excursions through the pasture in pitch black (What I wouldn't have given for a few street lights as a kid).

As she was gathering the garbage, Bug told her that he would watch out for her and promptly ran to the door, stood with it wide open and looked for her. He must have forgotten that she hadn't even gone out yet as Rush & I heard a panicked voice, "Jellybean? Where are you?"

It was extremely funny to Rush & I that she was still inside but he was standing there thinking, "Oh my gosh! She's gone!"

Jellybean made us laugh even harder when she came back inside stating, "I am ok but I saw a white van."

We were like "What does it matter that you saw a white van?"

And she was all wide-eyed and serious telling us how white vans with clear front windows and black dark windows are bad but it was ok because she made it without any trouble.

I asked her if these vans could be any other color or if they had to be white. Apparently they are white and when questioned about our having owned a white Montana with "clear front windows & dark back windows" Jellybean responded with a prompt and matter-of-fact, "Well, not ALL white vans".

Before going to bed Jellybean asked if I would pray with her because she is afraid to go out in the dark by herself even though she knows "that a child of God shouldn't be afraid of anything because God doesn't give us the spirit of fear and He is always with us."

P.S. Jellybean & Bug think that their surprise tomorrow is a new game for the Wii! Boy won't they be surprised!

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