Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye!

Just in case you missed it on Facebook and on Twitter, Billy is back home! Well, for a visit! The only sad part about it, for me, is that his lovely wife isn't with him. We miss her too!

He came into the office for a few minutes this morning, which made me cry. Funny how so many emotions can lead to tears. I can't wait until we get to take him to the church at lunch time to pick the kids up from school.

Jellybean guessed that Billy was coming as she sat at the table last night, trying to desperately figure out what the surprise is. I did not lie to her and tell her how I wished that were true and that we had no idea when we would get to see him next. Ok, I did lie to her and she now believes that their surprise may be a new Wii game.

Bug is completely oblivious as to what this surprise may be and as to why he didn't have to take a lunch to school today. I am so looking forward to the expressions on their faces.

Silly me! I left my camera at home this morning! I had planned to put it in my bag and completely forgot it! I asked BigB to bring it but I don't know if he will remember. That being said, there may or may not be pictures to look upon in our golden years, causing us to reminicse "Remember that time we totally lied to the kids about Billy coming home...?" To which the other would reply, "Yeah, totally worth it!"

P.S. Time drags by extremely slowly when you have some place you would completely rather be. I am really looking forward to going to church with my son again on Friday!

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