Monday, March 09, 2009

And if you thought THAT was bad

Most of you know that our poor Regal was totalled off a couple weeks ago when it was brutally and senselessly rear-ended. (OK, maybe I am being overly dramatic but I think that may be a genetic malfunction!) Since this heinous act the trunk has not fit properly; meaning, when you think the trunk is closed it really isn't and it is always on the verge of open...somewhat latched but not really close, not even a little bit.

So, let's put the above variable with the bumpy, ice-built-up streets and what hypothesis do you reach? I can tell you! As each bump is hit the trunk bounces up ever. so. slightly. You can see the momentum of the trunk climb as each bump is hit and eventually you spend the entire drive looking in the rear view mirror waiting for the trunk to rudely and inconsideratly hurl itself into the rear window! IT NEARLY TAKES YOUR BREATHE AWAY!

Thankfully, on this trip the trunk would bounce ever so slightly open and then bounce itself ever so slightly, not really even close to closed and repeat said cycle. Still not something I would recommend for someone with a nerve or hert condition. Thankfully, I AM STABLE AS A ROCK!


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