Thursday, March 12, 2009

Uh, I...don't...think so!

Bug as another wiggly tooth; it has been since he lost the first one but I think he forgot to work at it. So here sits this tooth with the replacement a quarter grown in all ready but a fair ways behind where it should be properly placed. I have, since noticing this, been reminding Bug to wiggle his tooth.

He is all ready setting himself up to be quite the business man though. Take a gander at what he said to me through wiggles and grimaces.

Bug: So, ah, Mom, you fink fer dis one I can get some straight money?

Me: (As I try to quickly decipher the meaning of 'straight money' and realizing it means bills and not coins, and try to not laugh my butt off at him.) Buddy, that would be a VERY expensive tooth. The smallest amount of straight money is $5 and I don't think teeth go for that...unless you're a dentist. Sorry.

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