Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hi, I am mom, Juice Box Hero...

It seems like the last couple of weeks things have been up in the air for us; we didn't quite know what was going on with the car or if the van could be fixed or if we could buy Papa Joe's car or why BigB hadn't gotten his pay check yet, among other things.

We didn't panick or freak out or worry or fret; we simply stayed our ground (sometimes an amazing feat when it seems you aren't even touching the ground). We relied on who we should rely on; which, by the way, is not yourself or some type of system but God. God is our source; our pay check isn't our source and we relied on that - on Him.

How rewarding in the end! We found out that we would be getting $1465.00 from SGI for the car (which we probably could have sold before the accident for $600-$800); our van was fixed for under $500 and is back on the road. We are buying Papa Joe's car (from what I understand) for $800 (I think) and BigB is getting a pay check very shortly; the people he works for just didn't know some loose ends that needed tied up. Yay!

This weekend we are planning a Wii party for the kids. They each are having one friend stay over on Saturday and we will play Wii (maybe even rent a couple games that we don't have for something new to try), order a couple loaded pies (never mind there will be 5 year old boys and 8 year old girls; make those cheese pies), get some munchies and have a real, live shindig for the kids.

We have been on a real purging streak for the last while and it is a slow-going process. I have, so far, taken 7 bags of clothes out that are too small (just for the girls!) and have another 3 gathered all ready. Last night I didn't get much accomplished, housework-wise but I did get another month of pictures into and labeled in our photo album (from there it will be easy to copy the information to the kids' albums), rubbed Rush's neck and back, found her the heat pad (sock) to wrap around her neck and got some laundry done...well, washed & dried.

On tonight's agenda: bath Jellybean & Bug, work on Rush's neck again, get more laundry done, get lunches made, finish up with the pictures I have left to do from last night and possibly start going through my clothes to see what I can get rid of.

I am Mom...that makes me a Juicebox hero! (Something Bug called me the other day.) Do I get a cape with that, Bug?

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