Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lost photos

Found these just now and forgot I had even taken them (but I just found the memory card from my camera that had wrecked; my new camera wouldn't read the card and so, I forgot them - since last summer.)

Let's stroll down memory lane together shall we and take a sneak peak into a week or so time frame from the summer of 2008.

BigB & I took this young lady, neighbor, friend of ours out for ice cream and a nice walk along the river.

Jellybean & Bug made me breakfast in bed; I think this was for my birthday! Sometimes I am a very spoiled mama! They love me to pieces! I got an apple, a cheese string, a rice cake and some Dole sparkling juice mango and tangerine, I think.

Bug learned how to be a "Dude"; ok, he had all ready discovered that but he always looks SO CUTE when he does it!

Rush & Riss made strawberry jam! was yummy!

Jellybean was a Vet for Career Day; she also made sure to clarify that she meant the kind that looks after animals and NOT the kind that fought in the war because she thinks that those people are really brave but she wants to fix "aminals" instead.

Bug wanted to be the newest member of The Village People....NO!!! Just kidding! He decided to be a construction worker and wanted to take a thermos just like Pa does in the truck.

Jellybean checking out "Uggie" the penguin she bought her daddy who was named after her (well, the nickname BigB gave her).

Rush having some fun for the camera - one of her not-so-camera-shy days.

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