Monday, March 23, 2009


Friday night's service was...WOW! Sunday morning's was...WOW again! The altar call at the end was like...Ok, I can't describe it. Really, I have absolutely no words to tell you what it was like; the intensity that was in the air, to describe that electrifying feeling. It was like when you can feel lightning in the air - the air on your arms and neck standing up...yeah!

I left church yesterday afternoon, though, feeling like it wasn't enough. But what? What wasn't enough? Did I not put forth enough effort? Were my motives or my heart not 100%? Was there some unknown holding me back that has yet to be revealed to me? Did I just feel like it wasn't enough because I am not satisfied with where I am and want more? Is it that there is a deeper hunger building inside of me that I have yet to fill and it just seemed like I hadn't gotten enough because I don't think I can ever get enough?

I want to be consumed by God! I want to be burned up by the fire of God! I have a feeling in the "pit of my stomach" area that is so intense and it just seems like there is something, I don't know what! But it is right there! I can feel it but I just can't...I don't even know....I really, truly have no words...

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