Friday, March 13, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

But where, then, is Bill Cosby? If we are about to do this we need Bill! Evidently there was a miscommunication and he was double-booked or something so we are doing this sans Billy Cosby. Well, we can make the best of it, right?

Sometimes my children (well, all children but I only know what mine say) say things or even do things that leave me try so hard to not laugh at them that I feel I may burst or, at the very least, pee my pants. Take this morning for example: Bug has been in a real odd state of mind as of late and I, personally, am blaming it on every weather man who tells us it will still be minus 30 in March! Bug got a LONG sliver straight under his pinkie fingernail this morning and asked "what in the heck that is" as I pulled it out. I explained to him that it was a sliver and off he went without another word and without hesitation to gobble up his Cheerios. During our morning prayer with everyone, BigB asked if anyone needed prayer for anything and Bug pipes up that he needs prayer for his "pinkie fingver" (remember he is losing all his teeth and with that he has developed some weird lispy thing). BigB asked what was wrong with the finger and Bug explains to him, "Dis mornin' I had a suave in it and it's still hurtin'".

Just try to keep a straight face while praying when you have that level of cuteness and hilarity to contend with.

Fastforward to all of us in the van going to the places we all need to be at, at all the same time. We saw a Coach passenger bus (the one that carries our local WHL hockey team) and I asked BigB why they need to have an Alaskan plate on the bus when it is a coach from our province. He was explaining that it had something to do with having to pay taxes when in Alaska if you don't blah, blah, blah. I think I stopped listening when it wasn't an exceptionally interesting reason. Bug chirped from the back seat about how he misses his favorite hockey player (the one who he clicked with at the library group) and that he wants "to go, with Daddy, again, to see those guys pay their taxes."

DO YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ONLY HALF LISTEN TO SOMETHING? You think that hockey players pay their taxes and that paying your taxes is just as much fun as playing hockey because it is the same thing because DAD SAID! Good thing we got it all straight in his head now and he, apparently, "gets it now".

On another note, Jellybean and Bug learned quite a few more signs with Rush's help after supper. I think the list of last night's signs include the following: sick, not, funny, gross, toilet, good night, cute and I believe that is it. I was working on signing the alphabet a bit with Bug while I tucked him into bed. He thinks this signing stuff is great and LOVES to show what he is learning to Daddy.

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