Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't just stand there; fight!

"Everyone knows we are in a religious war. Terrorists call it a holy war. So where are our holy men? Where are our clerics and spiritual leaders who should be guiding us through this war? They are down at the coffee shop chilling out with a latte and telling folks that God loves them. Is that what God is saying to us as a nation, "Smile, I love you"? We have become a nation of cupcake preachers. Our religious men and women are more confused than King Saul was. He didn't know what to do about Goliath and my absurd religion has no idea what to do about terror.

The fighting and hunting down of the world's leading terrorists has been difficult, frustrating and costly. The average American, although believing in God, has never even considered divine intervention as an option. Even sadder is the fact that it hasn't crossed most preachers' minds either.

Another way that my absurd relgion has made terror absurd is in the area of negotiations. My absurd religion thinks God is a pacifist who would never pick a fight much less stand up for himself. It has no faith for even a modest God intervention. So with what does that leave us? It leaves us with negotiations. We want to sit down at the peace table and work something out. That's like a native American Indian chief smoking the peace pipe with the cavalry and expecting a fair deal.

You cannot negotiate with terrorists because they do not want to make peace. They don't want to strike a deal that is fair to everyone. They have no intention of sharing. They intend to destroy until what they are mad about is gone."

I think Pastor Steve is bang on in what he is saying in this chapter called Absurd Terror from "My Absurd Religion". Too many people that I talk to view God as an uninvolved father and Jesus as a soft-spoken man carrying a lamb on his shoulders and that is it. What happened to the story of Jesus fashioning a whip and overturning tables in the temple. He was angry. He isn't some guy who got beat up, died on the cross for us and that is it. He isn't waiting in Heaven to one day be our king. He is our king NOW. He is a conquering, reigning king NOW - not a someday he'll come and reign. The train of his garment is long like that of a victorious king and victorious kings engage in battle.

I think we need to put an end to passive christianity; we need to stop accepting everything as "that's just the way it is" and learn to stand up for and fight for righteousness and for the honor that our king deserves.

Buy a copy of this book yourself and see what Pastor Steve has to say. I think everyone should read it at least once so they can see for themselves just how absurd religion is becoming in this nation.

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