Monday, March 16, 2009

I don't wanna be a hypocrite

"People are not the only ones who don't like hypocrisy. God has a strong distaste for it, too, according to what the Bible says. He calls hypocrisy "yeast". What is the main thing yeast does? It takes over a lot of dough. A little bit of yeast can make a whole batch of dough rise, change shape, and become something different. God likes good metaphors, so when he saw hypocrisy among his followers, he thought yeast was the best picture of what hypocrisy does. It affects the whole church by silently invading it and changing it from the inside out."

"Dualism: It's Greek to Me
Here's how to be a hypocrite: Compartmentalize your life. Divide the spiritual from the material. Be two different people in those two arenas. That's exactly what religion has done, and as a result religion doesn't allow people to be fully human and to experience God in every aspect of life. We lead sub-divided lives. Religion has not even allowed us to enjoy. It has put enjoyment in the fleshly category and, therefore, it is evil.

Most people don't want to be hypocrites, but they don't always know how to be otherwise. I think hypocrisy is a learned behavior that we got from the ancient Greeks. They came up with this idea called "dualism," which says that the spirit world is separate from the material world. In Greek philosophy and religion, the physical body is considered evil. Physical pleasrues are evil andin a real spiritual person ought to create guilt feelings..."

Taken from the book "My Absurd Religion by Which I Make My Living" by Pastor Steve Gray.
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