Friday, March 06, 2009

He's a Hot Dog in the literal sense of the word

Bug told me about a dream he had last night & I think he got his strange dream gene from me. (Now my strange dreams aren't nearly as frequent as Dixie's but, they are surprisingly as strange. Back to Bug.)

He told me that last night he dreamt he was a hot dog and some guys were chasing him trying to eat him so he laid down on the ground and rolled over them to beat them up...

I think we are going to have our hands full with this one. Not only is he a boob man, but he's a hot dog too! Yikes!

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Dixie said...

:) It's start young, doesn't it? By that age Madeline had already been chased by lions in her dreams for a couple years. I thought it was a girl thing b/c Luke apparently does not dream, just like his dad.