Friday, April 03, 2009


The past couple of nights have been pretty productive. Wednesday night I made a Burrito Pie and 6 Breakfast Burritos to freeze. The Burrito Pie was for last night's supper to see if we would like it as I have never made the recipe before. For the most part it was a hit (Jellybean didn't like it at all and Rush wasn't fond of the refried beans). I made another one for the freezer last night and made a Spaghetti Pie with a bit of sauce left over to freeze as well.

A couple of loads of laundry have been thrown in the washer & the dryer and are waiting to be folded and a load of wash was done first thing this morning and is waiting for me to come home to be tossed into the dryer.

Watched the new Will Smith movie last night too (and stayed up TOO late) but I did enjoy watching 7 Pounds. It ended with me in tears which, is nothing unusual given that it ended with one of the characters crying and that ALWAYS leaves me in tears as well (not just movie characters crying but any given person). Sheesh!

Tomorrow at nine the worship team is meeting to do some work on the building project (pick up garbage, paint, fix up, spruce up...those kinds of things). The first service in the new building is Friday, April 10, 2009 and we have conference coming up on May 21-24! You should try to make it for some of that! It will be life changing!

I also have a date with my husband tomorrow night and I am looking forward to that! He works at a trade show until 7:30 so whatever we do will have to be after that. I think I need to get used to him being gone on and off with this job. He has training or another trade show in Winnipeg the beginning of May for 4 days and then there is something that is coming up in Calgary shortly too.

I went to Liquidation World today at lunch and got some great containers for organizing the pantry and I may go back and get a few more tomorrow.

There is service tonight and Sunday morning and I am looking so forward to seeing how God moves this weekend and how lives (including my own) are changed, transformed and shaken!

Still praying for baby Stellan but things are looking up for him. God is SO good and there is no denying that His hand is on this beautiful baby boy's life!

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