Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Easter Break so far...

Jellybean doing a strange walk that she rooked her brother into doing and he then bounced about 6 inches off the floor (using his face) during the first 2 seconds of trying! (I know my parenting skills will probably be questioned for thinking it was VERY funny; I did lovingly cuddle him and comfort him so I must have redeemed myself somewhat. Grin!)

Again I am pretty sure my parental skills could be questioned with my taking pictures of the kids watching Journey to the Center of the Earth just to capture the fear on their faces. Jellybean was pretty nervous about the dinosaur here.

Jellybean & Bug watching the movie.

We played games like Tonka Search and Rescue...

...and Wii against Uncle Rob and Jonah).

We showed off the mad baseball skills we have been achieving through Wii sports.

We moved into our new sanctuary!

The only thing I am wondering in any of these pictures is why does Rush seem to hide when the camera is around OR why is she not in any of these pictures!

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