Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tales from the Crypt...I mean E.R.

For any that follow me on Facebook or Twitter (and actually saw either yesterday) I left work yesterday ready for some serious sleep; I was exhausted, chilled, achy and, to be honest, cranky (said with 3 syllables in this instance). BigB attempted to take me to a local establishment for some Hot & Sour Soup (the only restaurant in town to carry it) and they were closed. We forgot they are closed Mondays. So we went for second best - closed! By this time I was frustrated and just wanted a freakin' cheeseburger so I could eat and head to bed but we found another Vietnamese place and ate some vermicelli, vietnamese spring rolls and some thom yum soup (not bad but NOT hot & sour).

We got home at 6:30 to Rush all ready in bed (she came home sick - not just sick, puking everything sick) and to Bug telling us he got hurt at his sitter's when his thumb got slammed in the car door. One look at it and we were gathering him some books, his blanket and his pink panther (for comfort) and heading to Emerg. We prayed with him that it wasn't broken (It looked VERY broken!)and by 6:30 we were nicely snuggled in the Emergency waiting room instead of under warm covers in a soft bed. (Here are the events of last night, in point form, as written out by me on a grocery list)

-6:30 Arrive & registered at emerg. (Doesn't look good for speedy doctoral visit)

-Hearing rumbles of a bad quad accident; sounds like guy not doing well. Emerg chaotic with his needs.

-7:30 See a friend in E.R there on Mobile Crisis business. He scores us an ice pack otherwise his trip was in vain; his guy has gone awol & even doctors never saw him.

-8:30 3 drunk teenagers are sitting across from us swearing & making out. (Looks like they left - about 9:30)

-9:45 After tears of wanting to go home, songs, forehead rubbing & an "imaginiation vacation" Bug finally falls asleep on waiting room bench/couch/chair thingy. (So glad we brought his blanket and pink panther).

-10:15 3 more ambulances and now a psych patient (I know hospital priorities & protocol) THIS WILL BE A LONG NIGHT!

-10:20 The drunks are back. UGh!

-Watching a bored teenager with a bum foot do wheelchair tricks up & down hallway; he's not watching or caring what he's doing - almost took out a birthing lady as she paced the floor.

-Tempted to fib & tell them something about chest pains but I know that won't fly (& lying is wrong sheesh).

_So glad I brought his blanket & pink panther. Bug is finally sleeping peacefully - hand wrapped in the ice pack. Tempted to come leave & just come back tomorrow BUT then we're starting all over from the bottom of the list again.

-So far, we have witnessed the changing of the ER doctors AND the changing of the Corrections Workers (Feel like I just witnessed the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace or something).

-The psych patient was brought in by an officer in pigtails. Even with wearing a gun she didn't look especially threatening, in particular when she used her gun to hang her coat off of.

-Things aren't sounding good for "quad guy"; puts this all in perspective.

-10:30 3 people come in, the guy holding his side in agony but at least they took the time to stop at Tim Horton's for coffees for the wait. That sets the tone for their "emergency".

-Drunk kid just spilled his coke all over the floor and to celebrate he sticking his tongue down his girl friend's throat. How happy am I that Bug had finally fallen asleep?

-May get in quickly if BigB loses it (his mind that is). He hates waiting with nothing to do (should have packed HIM a bag :D)

-10:55 Bill going to see if we should just take Bug home & come back tomorrow. "Please God, let him be nice".

-11:00 So far no security rushing past me; BigB MUST have kept his cool. :D

-According to the ad I just saw on one of the many t.v.s here Timmie's makes EVERYTHING better. Perhaps we should have just gone there or, at the very least, picked some up for our wait. The ad wouldn't lie, right? Right?

-Haven't heard the f-bomb dropped so much (Do people not realize how low class they sound when that is every second word out of their mouths?)

-BigB has been gone for 10 minutes now; I wonder if they are restraining or sedating him... :D

-11:05 Here's another ambulance. I doubt Bug will be seeing anyone tonight.

-Wait a minute! Whatever BigB did/said, we got a bed!

-We got a resident doctor & he was phenomenal. Great with Bug! Fantastic bedside manner! Dr G you will be a GREAT doctor!

-Sounds like it's jsut a bad crush and that nothing is broken; just waiting on x-ray now to be sure. (He said a couple minutes. What does that mean? "A couple minutes" scares me. Is that like a "5-minute meeting"?)

-Quad boy is enroute to a bigger, better facility. Situation not good. God, go with him.

-Sitting backwards in a chair with my feet over the back & my head leaning against the bed...sleep won't come & this is very uncomfortable. Asked Bug if he would share his bed with me. His response? "You've got your own bed." (note to self: Must keep this in mind next time siad child wants to " 'nuggle" me in MY bed.)

-More drunks beside us. People! It's Monday night not Friday/Saturday!

-Finally was allowed to share the bed and caught a couple of winks before radiology came to get us 1 1/2 later.

-Home at 1:00 with one tired, sore boy and one cranky husband and one long past bed-time, sickish, achy self.

Today, Jellybean & I were the only ones to leave the house for the day; bigB & Rush are sick with the flu (don't worry; it's not the swine flu) and Bug was in no physical shape to go to school.

NOTE: Know that I am not complaining about last night or Bug's care but that those were just observations made by a bored blogger who may have been slightly jaded because she wanted to head to bed at 6:30 not to Emerg.

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