Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I won't Rush you!

Next Wednesday I am taking Rush to see the eye doctor as she has been having daily intense headaches in behind her eyes; I think that this is causing a great deal of her "teenageritis" as she is in pain without relief from medication. To get to the bottom of these headaches would at least benefit her health-wise even if we do still have her "condition" to contend with.

I know what it's like to have those daily headaches having been diagnosed with a condition myself that has the 80 million letter name eluding my memory. I fortunately was healed of my condition (which could have lead to blindness) through no medical intervention and only through the intervention of the Great Healer Himself.

I love Rush so very much; we have been through a lot over our 16 years together. There has been a lot that we have overcome and I don't know if Rush reads this place or not but maybe one day she will (if she doesn't) and she will know that I don't plan on quitting now just because it's a different set of problems...

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