Thursday, April 16, 2009

Plans changed & that's ok

Just before I started this week off I had plans, big plans that involved me doing a lot of organizing and purging. I still got this accomplished but I went about it on a totally different path than I ever imagined.

For the last 8 years Rush & Jellybean have been sharing a room. Rush is twice Jellybean's age and that isn't so bad when you are 6 and she is 3 but when you are 16 and she is 8...

Rush has never asked us for her own room; she has simply accepted that that was how it was to be. LilB moved in and got the room; when he left it automatically went to J and Rush thought when J left 2 years ago she would have her own room. So did I. Circumstances decided that, at the time, that was not to be.

Monday night BigB & I decided no matter what the girls needed their own rooms. Tuesday morning I woke up early & began, what was lovingly dubbed, "The Surprise".
I thought the kids would think I was being really rude by ignoring them all day and not accepting their offers of help but I knew if I accepted the surprise would be exposed.

Tuesday night the rooms were done enough that we could tell the girls what was happening and they were SO surprised! I guess I, somehow, managed to clear out my office of ALL it's stuff and not raise suspision. COOL!!! I really didn't think I could pull it off.

And by the way, the look on both girls' faces was TOTALLY worth the effort (and the fact that my stuff is now in boxes spread between the upstairs closet, the downstairs bathroom and our room but that is ok because I like an adventure and I TOTALLY labeled ALL the boxes for easier hunting!)

I wondered if Jellybean would have a hard time adjusting to solitary sleeping arrangements but she thinks her new room is "FABULOUS" and is enjoying every square foot of her room. I know Rush is loving her space that was just recently painted and 'artsied' up. Soon (but still in the unknown) I will be painting Jellybean's room (however it won't be Barbie pink like she is hoping for...UGH!) and framing some ballerina pictures for her...a room for an 8 year old to love and a room for a 16 year old to love and it is so worth every sore muscle I have.

I guess, though, that plans only somewhat changed as yesterday I still managed to take 7 black garbage bags of stuff to Value Village and have 2 bags of garbage taken out! Plans may have changed a bit but, the result way better than I EVER imagined.

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