Friday, April 24, 2009

Odds N Ends

-Bug, the day before yesterday, kneeling on the couch watching out the window while BigB was getting into the truck of Blair, a guy he works with:

"Oh that Wawyer is a good guy. He's very patient. Wawyer didn't leave anyone behind."

("Anyone", in particularily being Bug's dad but where this praise of character came from, I don't know other than we do our best to praise good character on a daily basis.)

-Talking with Rush the other day about changing eating and exercise habits (as a family) and she began sharing with me information she had learned at school. That being how so many kids are obese by the time they are in Grade 4 (I think it was) and that, and the percentage eludes me but it was high, so many kids are "overbese" by Grade 8.

Sometimes I am really amused by the way the human brain turns our thought process as we are speaking, like the word "overbese" that Rush couldn't get out of her head or like yesterday at the doctor's office where the poster for osteoporosis kept Rush reading "How can we prevent osmosis?"

-Since the beginning of the year Rush has gone through so many math paces that she has gone through TWO GRADES of math this year! I am so proud of the hard work that she is putting in and today she is challenging yet another pace and get it out of the way as well. How great is that? How great is she? We celebrated last night with taco beef nachos while folding clothes and watching a movie (what a party, right?) Unfortunately, we made enough nachos for our happy we were and not for how little we would actually eat. Fortunately, BigB needed a nice, big snack when he got home from school.

-Sometimes, in the name of humor, my husband will tease me in an all-to-serious-way and I don't realize, at first that he isn't being serious. Take last night for example, we were all sitting around the supper table enjoying an incredibly involved dinner of Hamburger Helper when BigB says to me, "I think you made a mistake when paying our cell phone bill last time. We got the bill yesterday."

I had to look deep into his eyes and work quickly past my initial OH CRAP I FORGOT TO PAY THAT BILL when I saw a sparkle and instantly remembered that I HAD paid that bill. Apparently though I DID make a mistake (I KNOW! Good thing my husband is patient with me.). The mistake I had made was not a terrible one but an oversight that worked out in our best interest for April; I had paid our cell phone bill TWICE last month so this month's bill is $16 (For 3 cell phones!). I would like to make mistakes like that more often instead of the one where I completely overlook paying the water bill because it is the only one of our bills I haven't added to our on-line banking yet and I keep forgetting that those 100's of loads of laundry consume water...

-This "each girl having their own room" thing is working out better than I ever imagined. Why? Thanks for asking. Wait, you didn't? Well thanks for reading while I tell you all about it. Jellybean's clothes are...wait for her dresser! IMAGINE! Jellybean's papers are...wait for this one the appropriate drawers in her new (to her) desk! Her teddybears are even nicely snuggled together at the end of her bed (I did notice though that there is a garbage bag of animals that has yet to be tucked into their new home. We will be hanging a teddy hammock for them shortly - perhaps after a Jellybeanless purge of said bears...)

-We are continuing to get rid of the junk that has accumulated in our lives in the almost 9 years of living in our house. It is disheartening at times especially after getting rid of pounds of things and coming back into the house to see that there is still way too many pounds to go! I find it strange to see some of the things we felt worthy to keep for years. We are a bizzare family!

The more I purge, the more I am saddened by what people (like us) feel they need to acquire to feel worthy, falsely satisfied, is shameful really.

(All I need is Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street News rushing in with his trench coat and micrtophone...)

Just got a call from Rush at the school; it seems Bug has caught the bug that Rush & I had at the beginning of the week. He threw up all over the bathroom at school and is currently laying on his desk with a cold cloth on his neck. (Miss Pam rocks! It is nice having someone there to "mom" him when I am unable to leave here.)Rush said he is starting to get a fever too.

BigB is on his way to get them from school "Them" being Bug and Rush; you know, she is a fantastic kid! She offered to be at home with Bug since BigB & I are making money and she has gym all afternoon; her only concern was that she would be able to get her two tests written. (There are struggles - like "Teenageritis" but I have an incredible girl in Rush!)(In all of them really, but this story is about Rush so I choose to gush about her and that's ok.)

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