Thursday, April 09, 2009

What God is Doing in My Life by Jellybean

Ok, first, one thing that God has done in my life is saved me and helped me to forgive others. Second, everyday I am not the same; I am getting stronger and stronger at praying and praising Him. Thirdly, He is the most powerful God and no one else can stop Him or take me from Him and Him from me together. The only one that can stop that is me and my love but I am not going to stop loving Him and I am not going to turn back and I keep singing that I am not going to back down. I sing that because I pledge to Him (and I learned that pledge means to promise) that I won't sin against Him anymore, that I will keep getting stronger and stronger in Him and keep growing in Him and that I will never stop.

I learned in school devotionals that if you don't forgive someone and you are a christian that you might get sick and you pray but you just don't get better because when you don't forgive someone it will make you sick so you should always forgive someone who has done wrong to us.

Another thing that God is doing in my life is He is healing me and I am understanding more about Him and more and more in children's church and sometimes I don't want to (be in Children's church but want to be in the service with mom and dad) but I know that it is good for me so I wouldn't learn if I was in the bigger level so I should stay in the younger level that is for me even though sometimes I want to stay in the bigger level so that I can understand more and more and then I can go into the bigger people service whenever I want to. Pastor Kevin is really good to us and he shows us the right thing and if we disobey him we are disobeying God because he is sent by God to teach us; it's the same thing if we don't listen to our teachers or Mr. Kham at gym. If we disobey them we are then disobeying God because there are always people that back up people and these people back up God.

Jellybean wanted a chance to post her thoughts so here is the first segment of Jellybean's voice.

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