Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Siiiiiick....

Easter break was a bit longer than I expected, by one day. In hindsight, it probably should have been extended by two days but I am plodding away and doing what I can. I am really grateful for all those sandwiches being in the freezer and ready to go or the kids would be lunchless. This is the longest I have been up since Sunday evening and in all my experiences of being sick, I have never felt what I did that night. I was so cold it felt like I was getting frostbite on a few body parts yet I was, simultaneously, so hot I couldn't stand having blankets on. Talk about doubleminded. I didn't know if I was coming or going and poor BigB, he didn't know if he was to snuggle or not snuggle. Thankfully I have a very patient husband who listened (and "obeyed") very compassionately to my "Come here, please, I'm freezing", "Do you seriously have to be SO close!?" My body was convulsing and I felt like I may lose my mind; thankfully it didn't come to that but I did spend the entire night trying to praise God through the entire ordeal. My attempts were weak and slurred at best but I am grateful that I did.

Yesterday I was bed-ridden the entire day, getting up only to refresh my cold cloth that lay molded to my forehead (my new best friend). I don't quite understand though how so many people knew that I would be home when they called as there were countless calls just to wake me from my fevered snoozing. It was about 10:00 last night before that fever broke and due to my sleeping all day sleep was hard to come by.

Which leads me to today: tired, weak and unable to eat much at all. Surprisingly and thankfully, I managed to avoid dehydration yesterday even with my failed attempts to keep water or apple juice down. Perhaps I can keep my appetite at bay for a bit and shed a couple of pounds. Oh that that would be the silver lining to this cloud.

So,I go for now to eat a couple more mouthfuls of my woodland creature food in an attempt to keep up my strength for the day and to ask God for a bit of His help in that area (after all I've got nothing on Him).


Dixie said...

Oh, feel better soon Ang! That sounds horrible. I some sort of stomach bug on Saturday (on the way back from S'toon -- not a good time to have a stomach bug!) and since then have been flirting with (yet another) head cold. But I think it's not going to get worse. I hope and pray it isn't!

Take care!!!

Love Mom said...


I hope and pray that you have wonderful health for your trip so that you may enjoy it and your birthday to the fullest!

I am feeling alot better today. Even yesterday was just sheer exhaustion. Today, so far, that exhaustion has eluded me and I plan to keep it that way!