Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Bug in Your Ear by Bug

The Lord is my shephard we should believe Him; we shall listen. We shall honor Him. We shouldn't obey the devil but we should obey God. Okay. We shouldn't just sit down in church 'cuz we should worship God. When He died on the cross, he forgived our sins. We should not die; we should live to worship and praise God and pray to Him. Okay. His goodness shall follow me. We should obey God. We can obey Him by worshipping Him and praying to Him.

We should learn about God and we should not treat Him badly or mean. When we pray to Him, we shouldn't keep asking God for stuff but sometimes we can ask God what we can do for Him so He doesn't feel sad and that we don't think we are more important than He is.

We should obey our parents even if they tell us to clean our room. When our parents say "come", we shouldn't say "later". We should just say, "we are coming".

That's all I wanted to tell all mommy's friends on here. Good night.

(The first segment of A Bug in Your Ear)

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