Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Silver Lining

Through the dark thunder clouds come streams of radiant light that push their way through the blackness of the sky and we have our own glimmers of light that are peaking out...more and more every day. We know that there is something going on in Rush, that she is waging war against something that we can't help her with (other than through our prayers and support) but everyday are signs that say she is winning, that she is pushing through, that God is prevailing.

Now don't get me wrong, she isn't some hooligan or anything like that; we aren't on the verge of sending her to military school or anything but she is not herself and there are several variables that are bringing her to that point - different things that she needs to deal with and she is dealing with, and that we need to remember to be patient with her as she does. I think that is where we have been failing; we react to the outward behavior and sometimes forget to look at the root of the matter.

God's hand is all over this and all over her and she will rise up and out of this "darkness" just like sunbeams through those black thunder clouds

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CL said...

She and you as a family will prevail, she is a great kid, and I have always told you that you are a great Mom.... you have taught her well, she knows how to deal with this.

Wish I could help...