Monday, April 06, 2009

I set my eyes on You.

We've been having a rough, tiring go of things the last little while - not with everything just a couple things in our lives but they have been significant. Rush has been going through an intense bout of what I lovingly have dubbed Teenageritis and, with BigB's new job, there has come lots of heavy learning and what seems likely to turn into lots of travelling and with that has come new routines, stresses and demands and lots to get used to.

Both of these things have lead to some not-so-wonderful moments (not incredibly bad either) but they are adjustments that are needing to be made...some are adjustments in schedules, some in mindsets and some in attitudes. There is a bit of mending to be done and it has all ready started. Thank God for great friends and pastors and for a great God Himself.

At this time I don't feel I am at a place to share details but for now I felt the desire to be transparent. I know that what we are going through is not catching God off guard and He knows just how to handle it and we are looking to Him for guidance. We also know that we have a GREAT, BIG GOD and this is but an itty, bitty blip in the grand scheme of things. We are not worried and we are not stressing. We are not focusing our attention on these distractions (as that is exactly what they are intended to be) but we are, instead, focusing ourselves on God, seeking and pursuing Him (everything else will fall into place). Like the words of a song that Meagan S from Family Church wrote goes "I take my eyes off the storm and set my eyes on You." and that is what we are doing. We can't change the storm just by talking about it and we certainly aren't telling God anything new if we were to dwell on it in our pray life but...if you happen to think of us please pray for strength, wisdom, peace and the abiltiy to daily cast our cares upon Jesus because there are times when, in the natural, things seem a bit overwhelming to us.

P.S. But please, don't worry about our situation; we know it will work out for the glory of God and we are not worried about it. Simply pray that we remain focused on Him and to not get wrapped up in a bubble of woe... :D

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CL said...

I soooo understand the teenageritis, hope things get better for you soon. It is not an easy road for sure, but your faith will pull you through. Thinking of you often.