Thursday, April 16, 2009

Before and After

For an all too long period of time Jellybean and Bug looked like they were ferrel cats...a little scruffy,a little dishevelled, a little wild...ok, I confess, a LOT scruffy. I booked them appointments for the first available time on my days off to descruffify them (yes, that IS a word or at the very least it should be).

I present to you before and after pictures of my youngest 2 (and now I feel like I can take them out in public without feeling like a deliquent mom).

Really, what more COULD he do?! Please don't judge me... :{

Bug's before, sitting in the van going to see Chantel to fix this mess.

Look at those handsome guys! And doesn't Bug look like a completely different kid? I actually "lost" him in Walmart a couple times after his haircut even though he was right beside me because I was looking for a shaggy boy!

Jellybean before...

...and after. Doesn't she look like she feels much better? I know I sure do. So, there you have it. My youngest two kids are no longer wild looking...for now.

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