Monday, July 06, 2009

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Welcome to Not Me Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama. Are you tired of trying to hide behind a facade of perfect motherhood and womanhood? Ashamed that you let the kids eat marshmallows for breakfast or that you were just so tired that you watched as one of your children painted the baby? Did you fall short of all of your motherly/womanly expectations? Good. Join us as we all share what we didn't do this past week. If feels real good to get it off your chest and to air your laundry (oh, you didn't do your laundry....hmmm)

I did not overhear Jellybean say this, as she was about to kill a beetle, "Any last words?" I do NOT think that my children are incredibly funny most of the time and I have never, ever told any of my children that they were geeks. (Positive and uplifting words only)
BigB did NOT discover that leaving the glass bottle of BBQ sauce, with lid on, by the hot barbeque will lead to the lid blowing off. Fortunately no animals, children or other innocent by-standers were harmed during this discovery. (I have never thought it would be funny to see this on the end of a movie, One animal was harmed during the filming of this movie but he recovered very quickly and is in perfect health now. Or some other similar such note.)

I did NOT pay for my kids to get tattoos this week. No, really I didn't! What kind of mother would I be?! Well, ok...I did sort of pay for them to get tattoos...

My heart did NOT leap for joy when I got this text "Hi girlfriend! We are on our way to (insert name of town here). Will be there tonight. When do you want to get together?" and since I did NOT get this text, we did NOT decide to meet Thursday and we did NOT hang out all afternoon at Walmart and Timmy's with our kids and I, of course, then, did NOT get a chance to take these pictures of my most adorable nieces.

I did NOT think about enrolling my 5 (almost 6) year old son in some kind of etiquette training or "good husband" class after hearing this comment, "I am going to make a GREAT husband!" Followed by an incredibly loud belch.
I most certainly did NOT feed my kids and their friends s'mores for supper tonight as we had had a late lunch or "lupper" as they call it and I most certainly did NOT eat a couple myself. Good health practices are always followed in this house and I, therefore, fed them a wonderful snack of raw vegetables, nuts and berries. Yup, I sure di...

Ok! Ok! Don't judge me... {grin}

It is most definitely NOT a quarter to 1 as I type this as I have NOT been having a difficult time sleeping the last 3 days. Oh! Remember last week's NOT ME? Those sick family members I had been taking care of were NOT finally diagnosed with having H1N1 and since three of the four were boys and the girl only got a mild case of it I did NOT say something to the effect of that proving that men are pigs because I only ever say things that are honoring, respectful and uplifting (even when joking and trying to get a laugh). Always. So, I never did say that - NOT at all! NOT even a little bit! I never even hinted! NOT ME!
I am NOT going to bed now so I can get some sleep and get to work and I will NOT add the links and pictures needed to finish this edition of Not Me Monday tomorrow later on this morning (after I get some sleep).
This morning, on our way to work BigB & I did NOT stop to get some oil and a gingerale for me, and when he turned to right to drive me to work I did NOT ask him where he was going because I most certainly didn't think he should have turned left to go to church. I am always well orientated and know precisely where I am and where I should be going. He did NOT laugh at me and say, "You know you're in a revival seeking church when..."
Anyway, that was our fun week and you can read about more of our adventures here, here, here and here.
Whew! Ok, I feel a lot better having shared with you all my shortcomings of the week (as well as a couple from my family). Now go on over to MckMama's and read what the rest of us didn't do. Go on now! Go! I'm serious! I mean it! You! Go! {grin}

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