Friday, July 10, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

→ BigB worked from home all week and has been enjoying it quite a lot. I have to admit that I enjoyed him being around town as well as we were able to get away on a nice lunch date.

→ Progress has been made on me being able to work part-time and be home with my kids in the afternoons. At this point we are unaware of how much progress it is but progress is progress and we are steppin' forward, baby!

→ I have wiifitted (well, what would the past tense be then?) myself into some very sore muscles this week. Some of those advanced levels are tiring, especially when you do them for over an hour. What? Too much?

→ It's been raining here, pretty much all week and we are all hoping for some nicer weather that we may enjoy a bit of the summer months before they are over.

→ Bug's birthday party is coming up in a week and Rush's party is two weeks after that. Wow that seemed to come fast. Think that's the end? Not even close. There are birthdays in between (including my dad's, & BabyK's); there are wedding showers, weddings and anniversaries and all sorts of fun events to look forward to.

→ I have been thinking of having a garage sale to get rid of some more of our clutter but, haven't quite figured out when I would have time to do any of the organizing a garage sale requires. Perhaps something to put on the agenda for this weekend.

→ Rush will be working again this weekend. She is excited about that. She loves that job and it gives her great experience considering she is contemplating a nursing career as well.

→ I did a bit of research to find some html codes to help make longer posts look more organized and found this arrow one. I think it looks great! How about you? Do you think it makes things a little neater looking and esthetically pleasing?

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