Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does somebody have a cell phone? Anybody?

Family Camp is next week. The 21st to be exact. Bug's birthday is the 21st. BigB & I couldn't get that time off work so no one was going to go. A very, very dear friend offered to add our 3 kids to her 5 kids (WHAT!? Perhaps our very dear friend is flippin' nuts! Nah! They are all good kids and J1 and Rush will be lots of help with the kids I know.)

Needless to say, the kids are all super stoked about going! However, this is what I overheard this morning:

Does somebody have a cell phone?! Anyone?! Does someone have a cell phone that I can use!? I will need to call my mom and dad every morning and every night so I say good morning and good night to my mama and daddy! And I won't even be with my mom on my birthday!"

How could you NOT love that face? (And, of course, the faces of his lovely sisters.)

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