Monday, July 27, 2009

Chances Are

Chances are

...if there is music playing, Bug is dancing.

...if the cat is running down the hallway Bug and/or Jellybean are chasing her with a nerf gun.

...if Jewel is following me meowing and intertwining herself in my legs, someone has forgotten to feed her.

...if it is Friday night, we are at church enjoying another great service at Canadian Revival Center.

...if it is Sunday afternoon at 2, we are just getting out of another great church service and are pretty hungry.

...if there is a lap to be sat in, Jellybean will be in it.

...if I am sitting on the couch, Bug and/or Jellybean are perched on or beside me.

...if Jellybean is wearing new clothes mustard will fall on said clothes, even if it has to fall from the sky.

...if I called my house right now, Rush would still be sleeping.

...if I were to be craving anything right now it would be garlic pita chips and hummus from Extreme Pita.

...if I would be at home I would be pricing stuff for an upcoming garage sale.

...if I am cleaning the house I should probably be in bed (I tend to clean at bizzarrely late times).

...if it is Saturday after 1, we are trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the day.

...if it is before 1, I am at church enjoying music practice.

...if Bug calls me from his room, it is to see when I am coming to tuck him in.

...if I have a highlighter (or several) in my hand, I am about to go through the weekend's sermons.

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