Monday, July 27, 2009

4 more days

"Until what?", you ask. Until the Sweet 16 birthday celebration at the spa and then to our house for a pizza supper complete with salad and angel food cake with a lemon glaze and raspberries.

We have 'the gift' and I found some bright green wrapping paper (her favorite color, or as close as I could find) and some funky green ribbon with colorful dots to spruce it up.

My feet welcome the pedicure that is approaching, and I really hope Rush has a good and relaxing time with her girls. There will also be munching at the spa and some cupcakes or soemthing to satisfy their sweet teeth. Plus, I bought Lindt chocolate.

All that is left to purchase is the food for the supper, the fruit and the cupcakes...

But that is not is 4 days until I start a week of holidays! Swe-et. If all goes according to plan, there could be a garage sale in there.

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