Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Little Man

turned 6 years old today. Six! Six! Count it...six! Seriously! SIX! Am I the only one who is panicking here!? Does no one else know what this means? Is no one else aware that 6 officially ends all things little, all things "baby", all things..well, does anyone else know that it simply changes the whole dynamics of our family because Bug is no longer little?

Sure, he is the shortest one, for now...but I am sure by the time I get home from work tomorrow he will be taller than me. Because that's how fast he is growing! Does no one else see that? His face is losing that "baby" look and he is looking more and more like a young man everyday and I am betting, by Friday, he will be asking me for the keys to my car. Because that's how fast he is growing! Have you not noticed it yourself? I am even thinking that by the end of August he will have graduated or something. Because (say it with me) that's. how. fast. he. is. growing!

Inspite of how fast he is growing, he still loves to snuggle with me and he still fits in my lap just as perfectly as he did the day he was born (with some modifications obviously because I should not be growing any more). When he lays down beside me, his body still fits perfectly next to mine so that we look like, well, me with a Bug shaped tumor or wart or something. He still asks for me to tuck him in at night and loves to have me read him a story or to sing him a song, or to tell him a 'mommy made-up story' or for the two of us to go on an imagination vacation.

I love the way he looks at me, as he can say 'I love you' with those big blue eyes framed with his 3-inch eyelashes and it absolutely melts me. Girls, watch out! Beware of the eyelashes paired with those big blue eyes; they will get you every. single. time.

I love hearing his giggle when he is being a typical mischievious boy and I love it more when I hear that belly laugh that comes from a deep down glee and happiness. I love to watch his face as he plays with toys or tries to figure something out as there is such a seriousness in his eyes.

I love how gentle he is with his cat mere moments after she has forgiven him for chasing her around the house, shooting at her with his nerf gun or how he gets me to cut off pieces of yard to play with her because he loves to see her playing like a kitten again. I love how music moves him to dance to the beat no matter where we are: home, church, the mall, the river bank...

I love how he feels misplaced and off balance when we aren't all together, as it shows me just how much his family means to him, or how upset he is when he realizes that a certain day isn't a day for us to go to church. I love how he wants to be like his daddy and his pastor, and I love how much dogs love him and love to kiss him; it doesn't matter the dog. I love how he will run towards Luca (my friend's German Shephard) and throw his arms around Luca's neck so he can bury his face deep in Luca's fur and love on him.

I love how he has to run to the stairs to give me a kiss and a hug 'goodbye' 4 times before I leave the house and how he yells my name and runs to the stairs any time I walk in the door, even if I have only gone to get the mail.

He is such a good boy and I love everything about him; God made him with the perfect mix of love, mischief, sensitivity, nurturing, fun and whatever other ingredients God threw in there to make this absolutely wonderfully fantastic boy.

Really? Six? This could take a bit to get used to.

(Pictures taken from his birthday party on Saturday at the Splash Pad and from today)

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Missy said...

What a sweet little tribute to your son turning 6!!! It does sound daunting!