Thursday, July 02, 2009

I've been in the shop

Well, technically, not me but my laptop and technically,not the shop but in the capable computer-knowledged, geek nerd equipped, virus zapper, hard drive repairer, mostly fantastically skilled hands of my dear husband (I originally put awesomely instead of fantastically but I try to reserve the word 'awesome' for God).

I have been sidetracked by my computer's need for medical technical attention and its skilled (and cute) repairer.

It is almost tomorrow as I type this so I will be heading to bed very soon but I just wanted to say that I am not ignoring you, my dear blog, and I am most certainly not shunning you; Ihave not had the means to access you in a couple of days.

Therefore, tomorrow I will tell you (and show you) the Canada Day fun we had at the riverbank (complete with music that left Rush & I, and at times BigB, wishing we could pluck our eardrums out with forks and our ♥s out with spoons - I tell you no lies!). Bug thought it was great and even did some interpretive dance on the hill which left us in stitches. If you were there, our group of fun and loveable friends were the only ones patriotic enough to start singing OH Canada during the fireworks. So, that will be tomorrow AND I was able to meet my dearest friend today and we hung out with our MSC in Walmart & Timmy's. It was great to be with her. I LOE that girl - she's my peeps!

Anyway it is now 5 minutes until tomorrow and I could really use some sleep today...

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