Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun with a Bug and...a Jellybean

The condensed version of our family (even sans Rush who was working this weekend) had a fun evening out together and it went a little like this...

We spent some time at a local, annual car show (more on that later, perhaps tomorrow)

We found the most darling Bug in a tree.

We threw the kids on the back of a cube van. I am not even joking...

After eyeing up the artwork on this fence since, well, many, many years, we stopped to take some pictures in front of it. (You can't tell from this picture, but I will post more later, but this is a beautiful painting of a train on someone's fence.)

We spent time hanging out at the train yard playng on the trains and on the tracks...

We had a really fun evening and the kids went to bed smiling and exhausted. BigB and I got to spend some quiet time together. You want to know how we took advantage of that? We threw in an old movie (Son-in-Law with Pauly Shore; I used to love that movie. Funny how our tastes change. Now I think there is far too much swearing and sexuality in it for us to keep this movie in our house. It was great to go down memory lane though and it did show us that we have changed, a lot.). Oh yeah, back to what we were doing. So we watched the movie, chuckled at parts of it ad sat on either end of the couch snuggled up, each with our own laptop looking like a couple of geeks. Me, I was editting photos and BigB was doing some research for different projects he is working on.

It was a nice quiet night spent with some of the people I love, love, love. Did I mention I ♥ them? 'Cuz I do! (Really missed Rush tonight though)

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