Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday, a fun, slightly therapeutic blog carnival created by MckMama where we can confess all those things we don't do and never would. That being said, welcome to Not Me Monday.

It was most certainly NOT me who made an overwhelmingly long list of things that need to be done in our house. That list definitely didn't include painting every room in our house other than Rush's most recently painted bedroom. I would never add that kind of workload onto BigB and my shoulders? Why would I do that to us?

It was also, then, NOT me who decided that we have a lot more stuff in our house that we can get rid of. This means, then, that it was also NOT me who decided to get working on having a garage sale. I most certainly don't have time to add that to my schedule.

It wasn't me you saw throwing my kids onto trains in the trainyard to get pictures of them and it was also NOT me driving around town to find suitable spots to get Bug's picture taken. Why did I decide to do that? Well, it most certainly wasn't because he was sporting his new faux-hawk and looking too cute to not be photographed and since he isn't sporting the faux, he doesn't look absolutely adorable in these pictures posted here and here.

We did not spend Saturday evening trying not to drool over other people's cars and it certainly didn't get me to start singing "My Little GTO" and since we didn't drool over Challengers, and Mustangs and bikes (oh my), I didn't write this post with pictures here.


Missy said...

Finally getting caught up with my bloggy friends...LOVE the faux hawk!!!

Happy Monday!

Julie From Inmates said...

My BFF just bought a challenger. That is one tough car. Love your post! Thanks for stopping by inmates. ;)