Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Do Thursday through Sunday

Updated: Well, I guess that's not too bad for accomplishing my list of things to do. Today is the day for getting the kids ready for camp (Monday July 20)
order cake for party
make grocery list for party supper
buy gift and groceries for Bug's party
make template for wedding invitations
photocopy template for invitations
cut out invites
glue and ribbon invites
make list for each kid of what they need for camp
• make supper for friend who recently had surgery
• take supper to friend
• buy bug spray and sun screen for kids' camping trip
• pack each of the kids stuff up
• dig sleeping bags out of tent trailer (well remind BigB to do that)
fill 300 water balloons for party Not 300 though
music practice
buy gift for friend's daughter
attend friend's daughter's birthday party
call family from northern Manitoba
• call the other family from northern Manitoba (tried but no one home)
• wiifit (each night)
pick kids up from out of town on Friday before church (which I think means fast food supper)
church Friday night. Yay!
church Sunday morning. Yay! Yay!
pick up cake
pick up Rush and two of the boys from out of town for Bug's party
take Rush and kids back to farm
• buy groceries for the kids to take with them to help out camping family.
buy more ribbon

I am not entirely sure but that seems like all I have to do this weekend, aside from working. It won't be that bad...I can multitask right? {grin} The life of a working mom...I love this part of my life, the doing stuff for my family. It is such a joy; I just hope I don't forget any important events or steps this weekend...

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