Friday, July 03, 2009

Going to the gun show!

Just for the record, life has prevented me from uploading pictures from my camera to my laptop (that is a good thing). We have been running here and there today: purchased Rush's birthday present, got a tire with a wrecked valve repaired, ran into loads of people we knew at the mall and have been doing laundry.

Overheard while Bug was cleaning up the movies and I was folding laundry.

Bug: Heh. I'm 'finking' of 'zat' little lady over 'zere'. You gonna check out the gun show. Boom! (as he flexes one arm) Boom (and he flexes the other). Fire Powah (as he stretches on arm out).

P.S. He has NOT seen Night at the Museum two. He has seen a preview once or twice (perhaps his quoting skills have a lot to do with the fact that it is ne of Rush & my favorite parts.

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