Friday, June 09, 2006

You Just Never Know When

Yesterday we found out that this man, who BigB worked very closely with over the last 5 years died. There were still speculations of this being a rumor as it was a complete shock to every one. Bob was a young man (45 years old) and very athletic so to hear of his passing was incredulous. Needless to say, Bill is upset and in complete shock. Lesson learned here: Live life to the fullest and make sure you always live your life right.
Here is the newspaper clip that we got today...

Freak slo-pitch accident claims ______'s "Baseball Bob"

Suzanne Boyer

A ______ man is dead after a freak accident during a pre-season slo-pitch game early Saturday evening at the Western Development Museum ball diamonds.
Bob _____, known as Baseball Bob in sports circles, was playing shortstop for a men's 10-man league team called the Chiefs when he went after a ball that went up the midfield, between himself and the second baseman.
"It just happened so fast," explained Cory ______, one of the team managers, who was playing right field.
"It was a freak accident that you don't expect just going out to play ball, that's for sure.
"The ball was going up the middle, with a runner on first, and Bob, if you knew him, was a never-give-up sort of player, and he went for the ball," Cory said.
It appears the 45-year-old then attempted to tag second base.
"The second baseman was cutting the other way and they were both heading in the same direction, and Bob, I think, had his head down, and (the second-baseman) caught him with a shoulder."
Cory said he saw Bob's head connect with the other player.
"It looked like he just spun off him and hit the ground."
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- aurora - said...

Hi, Ang.. I'm sorry to hear about Bill's friend. Can't imagine if I have to go through what Bill's did. Hope he's OK now. And you're right, live life to the fullest.

- aurora -

monkeygirl said...

Thanks for the comment on my page. I see your hubby went through the same thing. Sad.