Monday, June 05, 2006

Dress rehearsal for Fancy dinner, when we actually got to take pictures.

2 of the advanced Hip Hop girls doing their competition routine. This group's routines are always so phenomenal to watch.

The Prima Ballerina FINALLY got her flowers. She got roses from Grandma and Grandpa, her brothers and sisters, her Aunt and cousin, G.G. (great grandma), the pink gerbera from Mom and Dad and the pink ballerina hippo on behalf of LilB and DearN because she really wished they could be there. It seemed to make her day to have a little way to have them a part of that day so I am so glad I picked it up.

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- aurora - said...

Hi Ang, how are you? And how's the ballerina girl? Did you see my comment on F.A.M.E? ;).

What does she think about her show? Can't wait to hear it.

- aurora -