Thursday, June 22, 2006

What I was doing at 2 in the morning

This is what I spent my night doing last night (aside from yearning for a 24 hour Wal Mart).
We have mini Reeses peanut butter cups with a chocolate covered (square) cookie and a tassled fruit roll up to make a cap and mozzarella cheese strings cut in half and tied with a pull-apart licorice string to make diplomas. They were a tad bit time consuming but I thought a cute little addition to the graduation festivities. Today I have put together rose bowls filled with clear gel, red and silver "graduation" confetti and red floating candles; they will be center pieces for the tables on Saturday. I will also be making "graduation" themed chocolates, slicing vegetables like you wouldn't believe and sneaking off to buy a brand new red betta fish.

We were going to have our year-end water fight and bubble extravaganza but we do have a thunderstorm looming overhead and growling at our every move...we'll have to see but I know the kids will be very, very disappointed.

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tanby said...

and to think you have 7 kids, a husband and a job...when do you sleep???