Monday, June 12, 2006

He's an adult now...

Okay, okay...I'm in denial because he's been married for almost 2 months and I am just now saying he's an adult. Perhaps the title is a smidge misleading but I digress.
LilB turned 20 years old today! Yup! 20 years old! Oi!!! I could be feeling old. I could be feeling depressed that I have a 20 year old, married son who could make me a grandmother within the next 9 months. Perhaps I would be feeling this way...perhaps, if I couldn't fall back on the fact that I am his step-mom. Whew! I was almost in need of some heavy duty sedation for a minute.

All joking aside, LilB I am so proud to call you my son and honored by the man you have become. You have a good, level, head on your shoulders and a wisdom that has, at times, astonished me (there have been fleeting moments, however fleeting, that I worried about you).

So, to you, my son, I sing as loudly and as off key as I can possibly stand an overdone B.P.'s rendition of "Happy Birthday" as I proclaim to the World how proud I am of my son (THE CO-ORDINATOR FOR WRC'S CALL CENTER!!!! big job!!! huge!!!)!!! Your dad and I love you more than you could ever stand! Keep up the good work! Take care of your good wife and God bless!!!

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Melanie said...

Wow!!! You have a grownup!!! :) Very awesome.