Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Going a little nuts

That's right...I'll finally admit it. I may, perhaps, be going nuts. Well not really but I am so busy right now with planning grad, all the year end school events for 4 kids, getting food prepared for grad, I am sick, Bug is sick...

I feel fine;okay, denial move over. I feel not too bad; I am very tired and at times my body is so achy I can feel the roots of my hair, eyelashes and toenails. The biggest annoyance of my being sick is the fact that right now I have (warning graphic description of bodily emissions in near present) superfluidous (I made that up in my delirium last night) nasal emissions that I can't seem to get anything accomplished aside from blowing my nose. I am so tempted to grab a couple of regulars out of my O.B. box and get to work.

Bug was up about 200 times last night; thankfully BigB took care of him. This morning the Bug is about as annoying as a mosquito. His voice is making him sound like he's whining when he isn't however, he spends 98% of the day whining and the other 2% crying. I keep trying to remind myself that he is sick but that whining is such a "push-me-over-the-edge" sound. I have been going around reciting a brand new mantre just for the day...He's sick; he's sick...remember, he's sick.

So now, I am going to go attempt to finish LilJ's scrapbook for grad and that ought to be fun, perhaps those tampons will become a reality as I don't know how much I will really be able to do what with my leaking nasal passage and having my head down to work on this book...wish me luck


Dixie said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear that Ang. If you want to send Hallie over after school or Marc could pick her up after to work to get one body out of your house, you're more than welcome. (Cherish, too, if you want.)


Ha ha. (Just kidding, of course.)

Or am I?


Love Mom said...

Is 15 minutes enough...teach? I think Cherish will be helping me clean. I may take you up on Hallie though. We'll have to see if she is sick or not. I don't want to send any more illness over to your house...

Thanks for the offer.

- aurora - said...

Wow..Ang... I'm really sorry to hear this. Hope writing it in your blog helps you a lot! Really hope you're OK now. A sick child could really turns us a little bit crazy, couldn't it?

- aurora -