Thursday, June 22, 2006

We caught a break in the weather

There was a spell between my having to get work done, supper-time and rain where we got to have our water fight; it last for only 15-20 minutes but it was time well spent. The pictures, I think, will speak for themselves.

Jellybean looks like she means business and I'll tell you what, she had an absolute blast.

Bug was giggling so hard I don't know how he ever managed to see anyone to spray them. He also always had a water balloon in his hand poised in the air however, none of those ever hit their mark either.

Rush is looking a bit fearful of getting wet but as the game progressed she felt she wasn't wet enough and turned the hose on herself. Take a look at those storm clouds in the back.

By the way, I couldn't tell Jellybean that her fish was doing more (or less) than sleeping so I snuck in a new one when I went to buy cat food today. I just couldn't do it. I am weak!! Weak I tell you!! She has managed other fishy deaths maybe it's just because I am not feeling well...

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