Saturday, June 03, 2006


Well, it is 10:49 and we just got Jellybean tucked into bed after another incredible dance recital. We still have one left tomorrow afternoon and we are done for yet another year. She is all ready looking forward to the start of next year's ballet class.

I get so emotional at these dance recitals; every year I end up crying because I am so-o proud of all of the kids and all of their hard work throughout the year. The final song is always Fame and the kids come on-stage groups at a time to take their final bow and stand there as they always get a standing ovation. The pride and excitement that is on their faces overwhelms me to tears as does my own pride.

This year the owners, a husband and wife, did a little number where he sang and she performed a beautiful ballet. The song was something to the effect of "the little children are watching what you do...they are learning from you...", a touching song all on its own. They had to add a powerpoint presentation with pictures of the kids from the dance studio.

I had to cry...

...are any of you actually surprised?

I have something to tell you all but only if you can keep a secret.

Well? Can you?

Okay, I'll tell you.

I knew I would cry when we watched Miss Jellybean dancing; I wasn't prepared to see BigB tear up as well...

Don't tell a soul...


tanby said...

too sweet. i wont tell anyone. tell hallie aunty is sorry she missed it but i sent flowers. i cant wait to see the pictures

- aurora - said...

and now that I've seen the pictures of beautiful Hallie the ballerina girl, with the pretty flowers she's holding in, sure you can't stop the tears... and so Bill.. Cause she's so sweet... Give my hug for her, will you?