Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We were up, dressed, fed and ready in plenty of time to get to Pa & Grandma's on time this morning and I made it to work with 6 minutes to spare!!!

First morning of solo parenting for a week a smashing success.

Tonight we have Reading with the Raiders 5:30 - 6:30 and I have school 6:30-9:30. An impossibly tight squeeze but I am thinking we will ditch the Raiders early this week so I can get to school on time. Sounds fair to me...

Edited to add:

Due to an unfortunate mishap at school of gym lockers not opening and of ones needing to get her gym teacher to help her once all the other girls were out, Rush missed 2 buses and had to walk home causing supper to not be quite on time. That folks, was the worst thing that happened regarding solo-parenting day one.

Bug & I got to the library in time to get him registered for Reading with the Raiders; he was too shy to talk to any of the 4 there or even look at them for that matter. We also decided to register Jellybean. I got to school on time (barely but on time) and home. Unfortunately home time was met with Bug crying in his room because he is "sad at Rush because she didn't give me a bed time snack" at 6:30 pm and when he asked to be put to bed at 8 and was offered a snack he declined. This whole school thing is going to take him some getting used to I think...it really tuckers him out and then he gets very emotional.

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