Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shiver me timbers

If today is any indication of what the rest of this fall is going to be like, I think I am really going to look forward to it, even with the cooler weather.

After church and the pizza lunch/worship meeting following service, we packed up some sandwiches and juices and met up with some friends, took the drive to Kinesao (sp?), went for a beautiful 3.7 km hike (according to my husband's recollection but I could be misinformed), stopped for a picnic supper and watched the kids throw rocks into the lake.

It grew quite cool once we reached our picnic destination as the sun was setting and the air off the lake was giving us a bit of a chill but nothing the kids noticed just us oldies, mainly Dixie and I. The chill was nothing the heater in our van couldn't cure once we were on our way home. Oh yeah, and those chocolate chip cookies that Dixie made didn't hurt either. Yummy!!!

It was a nice walk and one that I think will be even nicer once the leaves turn colors even more.

The fresh air from today's walk will help me sleep well tonight I am sure and there is something so relaxing about the smells of the outdoors. Perhaps it is from growing up on a farm that it relaxes me so much but I really let my guard down and the stresses seem to evaporate. Just the smells of the moss, the berries, the moist vegetation and the cool, crisp fresh air carrying the scent of "lake"...soothing.


Dixie said...

Can I just say that my legs were burning when I crawled into bed last night and my back was unbelievably sore? I thought, "what's the deal?", it wasn't that strenuous a hike, and it was only 2 hours (ONLY 2 hours...).

THen I remembered the 15 pounds of unbalanced baby I had strapped on the front of me. That's what did it. I could sure use a massage today!

Love Mom said...

I was going to say, you had a bit of extra baggage you were lugging around...