Friday, September 28, 2007

More chaos for our children

Today I went for lunch with Renee and at the end of our lunch I received a call on my cell. At first I almost hung up because I couldn't hear anyone there. A small, fearful voice quivered on the other end of the line, a shaky, "Mom...?" and then silence.

Immediately I had to fight the tears back even though I still had no idea what the matter even was there was that much fear in her little voice.

I found out that she wanted to come home and most of the students from Carlton had all ready gone home. There is a threat or rumor of a threat/attack on our children. The rumor is that today, possibly Monday there will be a shooting at the school. There is no particular target. If you are in their way or in their sight you are the target. This threat is being taken seriously enough that the students were locked in their classrooms and teachers were encouraging them to go home if they felat scared or nervous in anyway; also there were cop cars stationed outside the school today, not just the police liasons.

It is rumored that gang members from Saskatoon and Regina were in the student lounge first thing this morning. I was downtown today and there was a lot more security related issues today than I have ever seen and quite a few more shady characters lurking about.

Apparently, this is not supposed to be linked to the murder this past weekend. That was apparently just a rumor too. Kids were told by other kids not to go out that night because something was going to go down...that rumor turned out to be true. I certainly don't want to risk this rumor being true too...

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