Saturday, September 22, 2007

Please, do not disturb...

...purge in progress and boy, oh boy, is it ever feeling good.

Why does it feel so good getting rid of things? I completely understand why it feels great once you have them organized because you feel a sense of order and along with that comes a peace and a place you can relax. Perhaps that is all that purging comes down to...order. As you purge, you put back where (insert item here) belongs and you get order.

You can't tell by looking at my house most days (especially when we would have all the kids here) but I love order. I love organizing but with this many kids and a husband, who occassionally doesn't understand my reasoning or my plan, well, you know that saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men...".

Anyway, today I have gotten rid of the mismatched lids and bottoms of rubbermaid containers. Where do those things go?! You can't even blame that one on the dryer!! I also organized that cupboard and created an area and a plan that everyone will be willing and able to follow. No longer are there popsicle containers and sticks strewn about the cupboard; they are all in a nice little container...contained. Ah, bliss...where have thou been my glorious friend.

The 3 million lunchkits we have for 5 people have been purged. Oh! I am not even exaggerating! Ok, maybe a tad. But now, the numbers are normal!!! Normal...oh to see your face again...

I still have so much to do but it will be done! Oh yes, it will be done!!!

And now that I am done sounding like a geek; I must get back to my purging so I can feel even more weight lifted from my shoulders and those fingers loosen from my neck...and that, is not an exaggeration.

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randall said...

Ok, see, it took me a bit into the first paragraph to realize you weren't talking about the kind of a weekly fast, like Marc did a while ago to help "Purge" the system.

Your kind of purging I love too.

Keep on.