Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back to the purge

Today we are doing some massive cleaning, a making sure we can come home to a spotless house when we go on our trip(Jewel willing). We are taking our bags of stuff to give away (we are talking teddybears, clothes that some of our children have left here, tupperware, lunchkits, etc) out of our house today. By out of the house I don't mean transfered to the shed like any other time; I mean out of the house, out of the shed, into the van straight to the donation spot.

This purge has done one other thing for us. It has saved us $100 that we owed to the library due to 2 lost books and a lost kids vhs tape of Thomas the Train! We found all 3 items and that has me completely pumped!!!

I echo my previous sentiments from an earlier post; purging is wonderful!!!

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