Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The little 6 year old girl said WHAT!!!!!?????!!!!!?????

We ventured on a little day trip the other day. Whilst on the highway, a crazed coyote ran across, tail tucked between his legs, running for, what seemed, his life. My beautiful, pink wearing, hug and kiss craving, doll snuggling, nail polishing, earring wanting, sweet, innocent little Jellybean said, "You shoulda killed him, Daddy."

"Uh, exsqueese me...?" came the shocked words from her mommy. "Why should we have killed him?".

"I think he would have made a nice decoration."

That, just so you all know, has to come completely from her father!!! The only thing I could shoot an animal with is a camera...Darn that father!


Anonymous said...

Always blame the dad

Love Mom said...

Well, hun, if the shoe fits...