Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The first step to the end of the road

I mean, Bug is going to Pre-Kindergarten and is he ever excited and we are excited for him.

That being said, I remember taking Rush to her first day of Preschool/Daycare and it certainly doesn't feel like it has been this many years. It feels as though it was weeks ago and she is now in Grade 9!

His teachers came to our house today to meet him and get a bit of information about him. It was nice and is it ever reassuring to have a friend as one of his teachers but...

I still wanted to cry when they were gone which, I know, means...

I am really going to cry when I take him to his first afternoon, Sept 13, 2007. The day my baby takes his first step on that road that leads him to not being my baby anymore! The day he is that much closer to growing up and leaving us...(which, technically, is what this whole parenting this is about...but why must we grow so attached to the little buggers?)

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