Friday, February 27, 2009

There's power, power wonder working power...

"I like what the presence of God does. It pulls people in. It breaks down barriers of race, religion and even morals. It brings successful people and failures together under one banner. When the power of God is present, everyone is having a tangible experience together with the living God. It is a time of knowing God in a way you can feel, but perhaps not explain. I believe this presence, all but lost in religion today, is the stuff that makes heroes. The men and women of the Bible are legends because they were ordinary people doing great things by a power that was not their own.

Morality without offering the presence and power of God is just the opposite. It excludes and divides. Morality alone pushes people away; it won't let them in."

As a pastor friend of ours from KC (now in Australia) would say, "GOOD WORD, PASTAH! GOOD WORD!"

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