Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's Absurd II

"Today it is common for churches to send people around the world to evangelize non-believers. The goal is to get people to become a Christian so at death they will go to heaven. Churches also send groups out on good deeds missions to build buildings in Third World countries or to put shoes on the feet of poor children and provide enough money for a meal a day. These may be good things to do, but in all the recorded acts of Jesus, he never did these things.

I am sure there must have been many shoeless kids in Jesus' day, but there are no accounts of him supplying them with any. There must have been hungry children with big round bellies liek the ones you in those TV commercials, but Jesus never raised money to buy them food. He didn't busy the disciples building synagogues for poor Jews or houses for the hundreds who had lost their homes to the Roman tax collectors.

Instead, Jesus cut at the root of evil with the power of God. he went after the demons that kept society corrupt and sick. He freed entire communities from the powers of darkness that held the people in poverty. He cast out the spirit of corruption and taught them the way of love, honesty and generosity." (pages 32-33 "My Absurd Religion by Which I Make My Living" by Pastor Steve Gray)

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